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5 +easiest best ways to Earn from youtube

 5+ Best Easiest ways to Earn from youtube

You must have heard the name of youtube, or maybe you will also know that we can earn money from youtube... Even if there is no information, it does not matter because I am going to tell you the 5 + Best and easiest ways to Earn from youtube right now, with the help of which you can make money from YouTube.

5 +easiest best ways to Earn from youtube
5 +easiest best ways to Earn from youtube

How to Earn Money from Youtube:

If you want to earn money from youtube then you have to follow some basic steps. you have to make your youtube channel, on which you have to upload the original videos which people like .. after which if more people will see your video then the chances will increase to earn money from youtube.

Settlement for me You have accomplished all these points:
  • You have a channel on YouTube.
  • You upload original videos on the channel.
  • Your videos are good, and people like them.

1. Youtube Partner Program (YPP):

This is the best or easiest way to earn money from Youtube, In which you have to connect your YouTube channel with a partner program, and after that whenever someone plays your video, ads come on it. The more times someone will watch your video, the more advertisements will come, due to which you earn from the same advertisement.

YouTube gives 55% of the revenue earned from advertising or it keeps the rest to itself. If you want to join the YouTube partner program, then it has some conditions, it will get 1000 subscribers on your channel within a year. Or there should be a watch time of 4000 hours.
When we joined the YouTube Partner Program, then after that some options were open in front of us for YouTube Earning.

1.1: Advertisement Revenue:

If we have put on ads on our videos, then the more ads come on our video, then the more times we have to get ads on the video, the more we can earn. In this, we have to do advertisements only once, after that our work is over... Just then our work is left is posting good content, the more people see our videos the more we can earn.

1.2 YouTube Premium Revenue:

YouTube also has a premium plan, then you must know, if someone takes it, then no advertisements come in front of them. The subscription is charged at the end of the month in all those channels whose videos have been seen from them in the next month.

1.3 Channel Subscription:

If you have more than 30,000 subscribers on the channel, then you can also do membership in your channel, which means: if you upload a video that is only for your paid members to watch.
e.g: If you have some content that you do not want to share for free, then YouTube membership is a great option for you to earn money from YouTube.

1.4 Merchandise:

You can earn money on YouTube by selling your channel or brand merchandise like T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc.
you must have 10,000 subscribers on your channel. If you want to turn on the merchandise shelf on your channel, you must have 10,000 subscribers on your channel.
1.5 Super Chat:
You can also go live on YouTube, in which you can talk to your fans live. If your fan following is good then you can earn lakhs of rupees with just this one work.

1.6 YouTube Shorts:
if you use the YouTube app, then you must have seen YouTube shorts... Do you know that you can make money from YouTube shorts too.

1.7 super thanks:
YouTube has also given me a super thanks button, click on which anyone can give money in the form of thanks to you. So if you make such shorts that people benefit in some way, then there is a high chance that they will super thank you.

2. Sponsor Videos:

If your YouTube channel has little authority, then many brands will be interested in promoting their product or service on your channel. So you can charge them accordingly.

3. Do Affiliate Marketing:

If you use or review a product or service in your video, you can provide an affiliate link in a description or comment of your video, if any user buys that thing by clicking on your link. then you will get the commission.
If other ways of earning are removed from YouTube, still you can earn lakhs of rupees from just this one way.

4. Sell Your Own Course:

If your channel is on any topic, and you have good knowledge of it, then you can also create your own paid course.
There will be many such people on your channel, who want to learn from you in detail, then you can do so by charging some extra from them.

5. Media license of your content:

Most YouTubers don't use this method, but if your video is such, another channel or any new channel can be seen by your use without any copyright.

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