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15 Proven Tips and Tricks to Rank High and Boost Your Online Visibility

15 Proven Tips and Tricks to Rank High and Boost Your Online Visibility

SEO is most important for blogs, if SEO is not done in the right way, then no matter how good a post you write, no one will know how to read it. As such, writing a post is only 10% of a blog, the rest is promotion, advertising, and social sharing is SEO...

If you want to make your blog successful, then you have to keep complete information about the topic on which your blog is, along with that you also have to know about SEO.

in this post, I will tell you about such tips or tricks, by following which you can easily socialize SEO and get your blog high-ranked.
15 amazing tips and tricks to rank high in google
 15 amazing tips and tricks to rank high in google

1. Image optimization:

If you want to bring traffic to your blog, then focus not only on web search but also on image search.
Image is the main factor in a blog to get traffic, or doing image SEO is one of the main points of on-page SEO... 
Method of doing:
Whenever you upload an image, compress the image, write captions, and add ALT tags and title tags to make it SEO friendly. Search engines like Google can tell from tags that in which image that image is located where.
15 amazing tips and tricks to rank high in google

2. Anchor links:

Interlink well, like if you are giving a link to a post in one of your posts, then it would be better if you like the title of the post with click here, there, go link, etc. Interlinking also reduces the bounce rate of the website.

3. Optimize permalink:

Permalink is the path of post google checks so keep your permalink simple or to the point  and add 3 to 5 words of your main keywords and your domain name in the permalink e.g: my post title is 15 AMAZING TIPS AND TRICKS TO RANk HIGHER IN GOOGLE so I will write it tips-and-tricks-to-rank-high-explorpk 
open ms word and paste your keywords on it and press ctrl+h and replace the space with -
15 amazing tips and tricks to rank high in google
 15 amazing tips and tricks to rank high in google

4.Don,t add undescores:

Never use underscore in URLs even by mistake, because by using it all the words are not read separately.

For example, if Knowledge_of_seo is there, then the search engine community will not be able to find that the information about SEO is written and it will be the same thing. use hyphens (-) in links.

5. Write search description:

The description is also very important to get high-rank or visitors. The description is what tells the search engine or visitor in a short way what the post is about and where it is.

You must have seen that when you search for something, in Google, the title of the post or its 2 lines is written, that is the description. Or after following it someone clicks on it to complete it.

6. Add headings:

Must use H1, h2, h3 Heading Tags in Post. First of all use H1, then H2, then H3.

7. Use the main keyword:

Using keywords in the right place is very important for the on-page ranking factor. Try to use your main keyword wherever possible. Title, description, permalink, image, and paragraph use the main keyword everywhere.

8. Remove or update duplicate content:

As your blog gets old or you keep posting new articles regularly, the ghost war is such that the articles we put change, so we write new articles.

By doing this the search engine gets confused as to who is right, which is not good for us at all. If this happens, update the old post itself or delete the old post, and 301 redirect its link to the new post.

9. Use keyword research tool :

Use keyword research tools to know different kinds of word title ideas to use.

10. Add video:

Add a video in your post to rank it higher on search video SEO also as you did image optimization.

11. Don,t use duplicate data:

Never copy anything from any website, by doing this your decision is nothing but the losses are a lot. From the point of view of SEO, the search engines that put copy content stop showing those blogs in the search after some time.

12. Use limited ads:

Don,t use a lot of ads in your blog post it can irritate your audience so add them in a proper and limited way.

13. use the search console:

When you add your site to the search console, then your site will be able to come directly from Google's search page.

Therefore, first, create an account on Google Search Console and add the blog to it. Then definitely add the sitemap of the blog in the search console.

If there is any problem in the website, due to which it is not able to search, then the message comes in the search console, then we can correct it by looking at it.

14. Connect with Google Analytics:

Must connect your site with  Google Analytics to see the activity of your blog. In this, you can see everything like which visitor came from where, how long he stayed on the blog, which page he stayed on, or even more...

15. Use keyword planner:

Firstly choose a topic or word on which you want to write after choosing go to google keyword planner to check about it it will tell you about your chosen keyword competition, search volume, or many which can help you choose that on which keyword you should to go on with.

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