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10 Best safe and Free Software Download Sites

10 Best safe and Free Software Download Sites 

No matter if you have a computer or mobile, if there is no software in it, then it remains just a box, if we want to do any extra work in it, then for that we have to install the software in it. For whatever work we want to do on the computer, we get software which we can download from the internet and install on our computer. A virus did not come into our computer.

Many software is available on the internet for free, but it is said that nothing is free in real life, if someone is giving something for free, then the money is being worked from us by someone or from other ways.

If there is no reliable website from which we are downloading something, then some virus may be downloaded to our computer along with the software. but there are safe sites also and in this blog, I will tell you the top 10 best safe and free software download sites.

10 Best safe and Free Software Download Sites
10 Best safe and Free Software Download Sites 


This is a torrent website, whose design also seems a bit old, but it is very fast, which comes me in the best download website list for the last 15 years. You can download almost all freeware files from here which is virus free or safe.

Ninite is a safe website to download free software where we get a category-wise list of all software. To download the software, we have to download the installation of Simple Ninite, after which whatever software we want to install is directly installed on our computer.

 If we have to install a lot of software simultaneously, then we can also download their package, which is downloaded and installed in a single click. If you have to share the software with someone else, then it is also a good way that, because all the software come in a single package.
Softpedia is an all-in-one website on which we can also read news related to software.

The site also has a section for free software downloads, which has approximately 13,50,000 files that we can download.


FileHippo is a simple or best website from where you can download the new versions of any software without any risk.

As it is generally seen, there are many popup advertisements on all the free software websites, from which they earn money, but it causes a lot of trouble to the user, or many times, the society does not know which ad or download it is. The button is cozy, but not so in FileHippo. No such annoying ads come on it.

As soon as you open FilePuma, you may feel that this is a copy of the FileHippo website, but when you pay a little attention to it, you will come to know that this website is much easier to use than that.

On FilePuma, you can download all the small and big software of your need for free what I liked about this website is that all the software has been kept in the category on which we have made it easy to search for the software you need. it occurs.

6. Download Crew:

Download software from the IIS website, you may face some problems, because its interface is not as easy as that of a software download website. But the special thing about the IIS website is that you will also get a small review of all the software here. You will get it by reading which you can understand how that software is.

From this website, you can download all kinds of software programs like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.


Sometimes it is difficult to download the best software because society does not know which software is good, but with the help of the ISS website, we can easily download quality software.

Apart from downloading software from other websites, we also get a freeware pick section on Snapfiles, on which we can know or download some new software daily.

8. file horse:

File Horse is a simple or easy website to download software for free on which you can download popular software for Windows computers.

You will not find a huge software collection on IS site, but you can download all the popular software easily.

Softonic is a popular website to download free software, the kind of design is also good we can easily download this software without viruses.

On this website, we get software for all platforms for free download like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, etc.


On the Sourceforge website, we get a lot of software to download, and along with that the material design of the website is also very good.
Without any tension, we can also download files from this website.. which file is there if you have any doubt about whether there is a virus or not, then you can also scan viruses online before downloading.

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