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Ways to protect Facebook from hacking Ways to protect Facebook from hacking

protect your Facebook account from hacking must read

If you have an account on Facebook, then you can stay connected with your friends, as we see in the present time, there is such a free platform of the social networking site, with the help of which anyone can share his information with the world. ,

On Facebook, we stay connected with our friends or family, or if we do any business or have any celebrity, then we can connect with people with the help of a Facebook page or Facebook group.

Facebook used by millions of users every day, let me tell you that every day there are 6   lakh attempts on Facebook to hack the account by entering the wrong password. Some people even get hacked... So today we will talk about this topic or know how to avoid hacking your account...

Ways to protect Facebook  from hacking 

protect Facebook  from hacking

The biggest thing about hacking an FB account is not knowing how the Facebook account is hacked, so let's talk about every way through which our Facebook account can be hacked.

I will help you how to increase the security of your account, I will tell you some ways for that, so read it completely first, to know!

1. Don,t remember your password:

Whenever you log in to FB, you have to log in by entering your ID or password... You must have seen that there is also an option for Keep Me Login. Clicking on it... means you will remain logged in when you will not log out. But if you run Facebook on any of your friends' computers or in a net cafe, never click on it. 

2. keep your password strong:

Keep the password Facebook strong, so that no one can easily know your password... What mistake do most people make, they set the Facebook password of their mobile number. The password should be such that you can remember it easily or no one can guess it.

how to strengthen it:

the last name of your favorite thing, for example, you like cricket so you can use cri or any words of your choice (add upper and lower caps also)

Must use special characters also like#$%^&*! 9 you can choose any one from them

use your special digits also like your special day, birthday date, lucky number, or any other you like

just for example:

if you use all these things your password will look like this... Cric!!26@@

so we have completed the strong password method now we will check how strong it is from the site password meter

3. Enable login alert:

Go to your Facebook setting >>and then click on security and enable login alert 

after turning it on you will get a notification through the account you choose your number or e-mail.

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4. enable code generator:

after turning it on whenever you need code you can check it in your Facebook application.

5. Add 5 trusted accounts:

you can also add 5 friends whenever you face any problem in logging in your friends will receive different  codes and you have to add all these in demanding so choose your most trusted people

6. Registered Browser or App:

When we login into the option, Facebook asks us if it is a trusted device. If we do this to him, he will save it... Then whenever we log in to it, we will not get any notification. Check this if there is any computer save that is not yours then delete it.

7. Logout Remotely:

Go to the current session in the account setting, you can see where you are currently logged into your account if you are logged in on your mobile or computer, you can see it.

If you are running Facebook on someone's computer or you forgot to log out, then you can log out from anywhere by going here and clicking on End Activity.

8. Block user:

There are many people who create fake accounts on Facebook, 8% of total Facebook accounts are fake accounts on Facebook. So if someone bothers you or you don't want him to open your account then you can block him.

9. Add your cell number:

Do keep adding the mobile number as well, it will be easy to forget if you ever forget the password. You will also come across Facebook's SMS mobile.

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10. Don,t Accept unknown requests:

Make friends on Facebook who is of your interest and you know them, if someone sends you a friend request, then check his ID first, whether it is fake or not...

If you have sent a friend request from too many people or have not yet accepted what they want to see, then there is also a star, in which I have told you how to see Facebook send requests.

Do you know that you cannot make more than 5000 friends on Facebook, if you are going to root it, then you should create your Facebook page?

11. Allow to only known Apps:

There is also an option for apps on Facebook, with the help of which we can connect a Facebook account to any game, or site. What permission is he taking? Or remove those which are not of use from your account.

12. Set your privacy setting:

What you share on your account, who can see it, who can tag you, you can do all your settings in account privacy. If you want that no one can see this information of mine, you can do that.

set of the privacy setting account, keep your friends in FB hidden, or block Facebook friend requests so that strangers cannot send you friend requests.

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