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Fix Your SEO Woes: 10 Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Ranking in Google and How to Fix Them

Fix Your SEO Woes: 10 Reasons Why Your Website Isn't Ranking in Google and How to Fix Them

want to rank your website but how? no matter what your website is, whatever the purpose of creating a website, we all want our website to be shown in the search engine or for the user to visit the website by cross-clicking on ads.

If you have a website or you want to rank it so I will tell you things that you should do now to rank it in search engine optimization so let's start

So let's know now, why the website is not able to rank in Google even after doing all kinds of efforts, where you are making mistake, or how that mistake can be fixed.

10 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Rank in Google (Fix Now)
 10 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn't Rank in Google (Fix Now)

1. Check your site is indexed :

first of all, we will check whether our site is indexed or not or we want to confirm that does google indexed it or not To check this simple you can enter your website as “ (Whatever your domain is)” (eg: You can find out by searching the term.

how many of your pages have been indexed by Google. From this, you can see which articles of your site are on the google search engine with this search google will show you what data of your site they have.

Reasons for not ranking website:

If we talk about all the points, then mainly they come in 4 categories, or if there is any issue in one of these, then your website will not be able to rank in Google... Those 4 categories are:

  • Indexing and crawl issues: You have blocked crawlers in your website settings, or your website is not being crawled for some reason.
  • Technical issues with your website: There is a technical issue with the website, or the Website speed is very slow.
  • Linking issues: Most of the links on the website are not correct, and the backlink profile is also not good.
  • Content and keyword issues: The content on the website is not good or it is not in the way that the reader wants.

If your website is getting searched it shows or all pages are coming in google means your website is indexed... but if your website is not showing in Google even after doing such a search, it means that there is a Google penalty on your website.

If you had disabled indexing when you created the website, but now the website is fully ready, still you did not turn it off. So that can be a reason also in ranked, definitely check that too.

2. if your site is fresh/new:

If you have a completely new website, or the page you are searching in Google is new, then you need to wait a bit... and check after some time... Sometimes it takes a little more time to be indexed...You can also manually submit your post to Google for indexing the post quickly.

If you have not added your website to the search console, then first of all add to it, then submit the site map of your website.. With the help of a site map, Google quickly comes to know that there is a new page is added to the website so that it can be indexed quickly.

Along with submitting the sitemap, also check the Google Search Console important setting, whether you have set it or not.

3. Content is indexed or not:

Which is the most common reason for Google not indexing the page, that the page is not indexed. This is a meta tag, which if it is on a page, sends a signal to Google that it should not index this page. Generally, an index is used when we want that this page should not to be shown in Google. If you use Yoast, Rankmath, or any SEO plugin then you will get its option in the post editor itself... From there you can select settings whether you want to index the page or not.

4. Robot t.x.t setup:

If Google does not want to show the website, then we index it. Along with this, there are some pages on the website which we do not want Google to crawl.

We can tell which page should be crawled by the search engine or which should not be crawled by the robots.txt file of our website. If your website is not showing in Google, then you may have made the wrong setting of Robots.txt by mistake.

You can also check your robots.txt code in Search Console to see what it is blocking or allowing from indexing.

Here is the URL of the Robots.txt file, where you can see the robots.txt file of your website.

5. Technical setting:

If there is any technical error in the website, it can also be a reason why your website is not showing in Google.

First of all, you check whether your website is loading fast or not... If it is not happening, then how to speed up the website is given here, by following us, first of all, speed up your website.. because You must know why anyone would like a slow website... That's why even Google does not like slow websites.

It is now necessary to have an SSL certificate across the website. If any website loads in http:// instead of https://, then it is considered an insecure website, from where any hacker can easily steal users' data... So if you have installed an SSL certificate on your website If you haven't done it, do it now.

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6. Website penalize:

Google has a guideline for SEO, if someone does not follow or pass it and does blackhat SEO, then as soon as Google comes to know about it, it removes the website from Google search.

If you understand simply, then if you are using such a system to rank your website, which is not correct, then Google can remove your website from our search.

Like if you buy links or do keyword stuffing to rank keywords, then your website/page can be penalized. Having a broken link also gives a wrong effect on the website in the ranking of the website... That's why you must also check whether your website is getting any 404 errors, or if it is, then fixes it.

7. Fix internal backlinks issues:

Everyone writes or tries to write articles on the website, but one mistake that bloggers make is that they do not make proper internal links to their posts.

If you want to rank the post of your website, then you have to do the add right internal links.. Or we also have to keep in mind which are the most important pages among all your posts.

With the help of an internal link, our post helps in getting indexed quickly, as well as when any user comes to our website, with the help of an internal link, they go from one page to another, and the bounce rate is less than any other. This happens to the website which is a ranking signal.

While doing internal linking, you have to take full care of this, whatever link you are giving in the post is related to the article or helps the user to read relevant...

8. fix External backlinks:

If the backlink is more on a page or website, then the chances of its ranking are high. So if there is no backlink on your website, then this can also be a reason for not ranking your website.

9. Good content V/S high competition:

The quality of the content that you have put on the website is bad or you have published the post after doing complete research, even after that if your website is not ranking in Google, the reason may also be the keyword on which you want to rank. Saying that there should be a lot of competition on that.

so You should find low-competition keywords or use long tail keywords in your post..which may reduce the search but there will be no problem in ranking your website.

10. Quality of content:

Whether it is a search engine or a user, everyone likes quality content. The job of a search engine is to give the correct information about what the user is searching for or what they want to go to or to be sent to the right website. 

If it is not on the website, then the search engines will not show our site in the search itself.


Write the content that is liked by both the user and Google, Keep one thing in mind, quality content is that in which the user gets what he wants... So for this, you will also have to understand your user and what they want.

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