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7 Essential Skills Every Human Must Learn to Thrive

7 Essential Skills Every Human Must Learn to Thrive

Today’s world requires that we all know how to do more than one thing, but there are certain skills that are important enough to be called the 7 Skills Every Human Must Learn. No matter what your job or your position in life, you must have these skills if you want to reach your full potential and have a successful life. Here are the seven skills you need to know about.

7 skills every human must learn for a successful life

1. How to handle criticism:

Criticism is an important skill that we all need to know how to handle. It's the act of evaluating something, like a person or object, with the intent of judging its qualities or character. When people criticize us, it can be difficult to take because it often means that we've failed in some way. But criticism doesn't have to be negative. In fact, we can use feedback as an opportunity to grow and improve ourselves and our work. 

some ways to control/handle it:

  • We just have to learn how to hear what others are saying without taking their words personally.
  •  We also have to remember that everyone has different opinions so there is no right answer when it comes to art and opinion.
  •  If you receive criticism about your own creative work, try not to let it affect you too much by reminding yourself that this might just be one opinion out of many others and chances are there will be positive reviews as well as critiques too.
  •  we need to remember that they're only criticizing what we've done, not who we are as people. 
  • If someone criticizes your work, make sure to be friendly and courteous.
  •  Remembering this might make receiving critique a little easier on you!

2. Art of manipulation:

The art of manipulation is playing with people's emotions and feelings in order to get them to do what you want. It can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. If you know how manipulation works and how to handle it, you'll be able to protect yourself from it. Manipulation is when someone tries to influence your decisions or actions through deception or emotional pressure.

 A common form of manipulation is guilt tripping- the person will say something like if you really cared about me you would ____. One way to deal with this form of manipulation is to ask the person if they are trying to manipulate you. Another way would be to remind the other person that there are two people in this conversation and no one should guilt trip another person without their consent.

3. How to be secretive:

Being secretive can be crucial to your success. You can't let other people know everything about you, or they will take advantage of you. For example, if you're trying to get a new job, it would be foolish to tell the interviewer everything about your current employment. Instead, have the right answers on hand and keep what's in your head to yourself. It may not seem like being secretive is necessary when you are being interviewed, but it is. 

In order to maintain privacy and create barriers between our private lives and the public eye, we need to do this more often as well. we all should have enough control over ourselves that we know that:

  • what to share
  • who to share
  • when and how

4. Learn to question:

Learning to ask questions is a basic skill that we all should improve and adopt because we learn many things on a daily basis and different question about them also comes to our mind ( how, when, what) and we solve these by asking questions

Learning to question is also a skill that will serve you well in life and can be useful for our future. It can help us grow as people and make wiser decisions with our time and resources.

Plus, when we question things, it shows that we are interested in what is going on around us, which might inspire others to want to know more too.  Questions also challenge assumptions, so they open up the door to new ideas and perspectives. When someone is asking a question, they are saying I don't know the answer but I'm curious. And even if their curiosity doesn't get answered right away, the act of questioning opens up opportunities for discussion and learning.

5. Learn to talk:

Talking is one of the most important skills to master. It's how we communicate with people and how we express our thoughts and feelings. We talk to share ideas, ask questions, and make decisions.

Talking is also an important part of getting along with others by listening to their needs and sharing information that will help them understand your point of view. So, it's no surprise that talking ranks as the fifth most important skill you need in order to have a successful life.

6. Learn to fight:

Every human must know how to defend themself and their loved ones.  If you are not comfortable with physical violence, there are other skills you can work on like unarmed self-defense. But if you do find yourself in a situation where someone is attacking you, know that it's okay to fight back as hard as possible until they go away or leave of their own accord. If this doesn't work, don't be afraid to call the police.

7. How to handle wins and loses:

You cannot be happy all the time; no one is. In order to have a fulfilling and successful life, you need to be able to handle wins and losses with grace and dignity. By not giving up or letting your emotions get the best of you, you can keep going even when you're having an off day. Learn from these moments instead of dwelling on them so that you can grow as a person. Just because everything is going well doesn't mean there isn't anything wrong:: Don't take things for granted.

There are always times when everything in our lives seems like it's going right. But this doesn't mean we don't deserve something better than what we currently have.  It's important to know how to deal with your feelings and make sure they don't control you.

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