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7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

 7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

When you’re doing your research to find the best keyword research tool for bloggers, it can be overwhelming looking at the sheer number of available options. However, if you just narrow your search to the 7 best free keyword research tools, you can make some great headway in finding your niche and writing for it effectively

 without breaking the bank or spending time on unnecessary steps.

7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO
 7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO

 1. Google Search Console:

This tool is only good if you're a Google Ads advertiser. It is our first tool in the 7 Best Free Keyword Research Tools for SEO. it's supposed to be the best keyword tool, I'm still not convinced because you can't access all of the important data on it and everything is more difficult than on other platforms. -This is one of my favorite tools because it has detailed reports on your traffic, the number of clicks, backlink sources, demographics, and all that information.

2. Keyword i.o:

The best keyword finder can be a difficult tool to use if you don’t know what you are looking for. You may not even know how to conduct the search in the first place. Fortunately, there are plenty of free keyword tools that can help make it easier. The number one tool is YouTube, which you might already be using to create your marketing materials and spread awareness of your brand or business.

3. Google adword keyword planner:

The best keyword planner to use is Google's AdWord keyword tool. For any website or blog, you may want to advertise on Google, this will help you see which keywords have the most potential with search volume and cost-per-click advertising. The other best thing about this best keyword planner is that it lets you research what your competitors are doing. It's free to sign up for and a great tool for any business looking to grow in the digital world. 

 Keep in mind though, that while the best keyword planners can be helpful they are not a substitute for experience when writing ads so if you're not an expert feel free to give us a call and we can recommend an agency that specializes in these sorts of campaigns.

4. AnswerThePublic:

AnswerThepublic is a free best keyword research tool that I like to use. With this tool, you can learn about the competition, the popularity of your keywords, and more. AnswerThePublic also has a blog that features popular trends in the marketing world and shares strategies for business growth. All you need to do is enter a word or phrase into their search bar and AnswerThePublic will provide plenty of information on it, such as its most relevant synonyms. 

So instead of googling free best keyword research tools or best free tools for SEO over and over again – save some time with one simple Google query! And as an added bonus: AnswerThePublic has some pretty decent-looking design aesthetics!

5. Keywords Everywhere: 

Keywords Everywhere is a free keyword research tool for SEO. What it does is that it crawls the web and returns keywords that have been used in online content related to the topic you enter.

6. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool:

SEMrush is one of the best websites fwebsitesord research. It has a powerful, effective, and accurate database that helps you identify the most valuable keywords in your niche. It offers two types of searches: organic search and paid search (via SEMrush Pro) which give you a good understanding of how your competitors are performing in the SERPs. With this information, you can create content to rank higher than them by having all of the same or similar keywords that are currently working for them. You can also use SEMrush to find out what keywords your competitors aren't using so that you can potentially rank for those as well because they won't be as highly competitive.

7. WordStream's Free Keyword Tool:

WordStream's free keyword tool is one of the best keyword finders around. It provides data on competitive keywords, related keywords, and phrases that are trending. You can also get a list of long-tail keywords with just a few clicks. And if you have a budget to spend on keyword research tools, WordStream offers an enterprise-grade product at affordable prices.

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